Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Business Card Trnsalation In Japanese – My two cents!

A business card translation for a business card is known as Meishi (pronounced as May-shee) in Japanese.

As with everything the Japanese attach very high importance to the Meishi. For them it is the symbol of trust and identity.
In the US business cards are not that significant as opposed to in the Japanese business environment.
You are expected to show respect when you receive a card. The card should be absolutely clean and should not have any sides which are smudged or dog teared corners.

While visiting Japan make sure that the card has one side which is Japanese and the other English. Also make sure that you carry the cards in sufficient numbers as not having a card is considered very very offensive. As an entrepreneur you cannot afford to lose any business just because of cultural barriers

Never take out a business card out of your wallet, make sure that you take it out from the business card holder. This can be leather or plastic. It does not make a difference. A leather case definitely does make an impact.

While exchanging the cards or Meishi make it a point to stand up and also have the Japanese side up. Also give your card to everyone who is there even in a large group and business cards are very essential in Japan.
On a side note if you internet business then there is no need for such translation as websites get translated by themselves
Also take a moment to read the card of everyone and place it in a proper case and never put the card back in a wallet for in your pocket.
Business card translation will help you get an impression that you are serious about doing business. The cost here is not the issue but getting success is.


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