Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Business Card Translation advice for doing business in Russia

Russia is one country which I have been to twice for doing some business work. Business card translation was a help there though Russians also understand English at least in the corporate environment. Russia had a lot of recent small business success story because of the booming economy and good fortune of having oil.

But Russians generally have a very different culture while doing business. For example I read somewhere that the symbol OK in English is a strict no no in Russia. Also you can never say a strict yes or a no over there.

You should make sure that you observe all the social etiquettes as far as possible in any country you visit.

While in Russia business card was a must and as a show of cultural sensitivity I had the other side of the card printed in Russian. Though unlike my Chinese name I had the English name and also I had the communication address in English.

Though finding good translators for making the business card translation was not easy. I think there are far more people doing business in China and hence more of Chinese business card translation services are available.

Make sure that you read a lot about the culture when you visit any country as that helps to strike a polite conversation.

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