Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Business Card Translation advice for doing business in China

In my last post I explained about doing business in China and in this case I am going to tell some experiences about how the business card translation helped in my case.

China traditionally had never been too much of English speaking. This is changing very rapidly so in business especially companies who do business out side China there are people who can do speak, read and write English. However everyone I met had a card which had English on one side and Chinese on the other side.

That takes into the second aspect of the Chinese Business card and that is how it is important for you to have a Chinese name. Chinese business name for yourself and for your business is a must.

I used the services of a skilled Chinese translator to get me through that aspect of doing business in China.
That name helped though as I was able to get some initial impression as I could speak my Chinese name as well I was able to understand what the characters meant.

The business card also helped people know that even coming form outside I am aware of the Chinese culture. This is important as you need to have a small talk before you start some formal proceedings. In most cases while handing over the Chinese business card people would look over and see what is on the other side of the card. If it was Chinese that was an ice breaker especially my name and the companies name.

So get business card translation services for that will help you get some good initial response.

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