Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Business Card Translation help for Doing business in India

In this post I am going to explain how business card translation did help me in a country like India.

India has a history of colonial rule and got independence on Aug 15, 1947. So primarily everybody can speak English. The country’s national language is Hindi but the fact is that every 100 km your would see a change in culture and language spoken.

It is really a milieu of cultures. I was to go to Mumbai erstwhile Bombay and then to Chennai.

Mumbai was a cakewalk as I did not need any Business card translation thing there. Though the local language there is Marathi (pronounced as Mar – A – Thee) but all business folks as well as local citizens can read and understand English very well.

Chennai though was a different ball game. People over there can understand English and also can speak English very well but they choose to speak in their language called Tamil. So the business acquaintance there had warned me of this and I had already got my business cards translated into the Tamil language and also I had several special newsletters in that English. My acquaintance in India helped me get the translation done quickly over there.

Doing business in India you would not need the business card translation help as the most of the business card I have seen of the local companies and even multinationals over there were in English.

On a side note it will be good to know how the business tax is levied in each of these countries in which you are going to do business

However if you want to make a good impressing there then make sure that you get the local language thing on the back side of the existing card.

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